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Upcoming Events

St Joseph’s Church is closed for a few months as we get safety repairs carried out There will be occasional events in the area in the meantime

21st Sept 2019: Culture Day - Little Italy/Sailortown Walking tour (Details will follow)

20th Sept 2019: Culture Night - TBA

Previous Events

Sailortown Festival: August 2019

Belfast Maritime Festival: 25 – 27th May 2019

Film Festival Shorts Awards: 13 April 2019

Culture Night Sept 2017: ‘Echos from Sailortown’ 

Student Exhibition Jan 2018: ‘Go Beyond Art’   

Seanie Baker Memorial Night May 2018 

Official Opening Event with Belfast Lord Mayor May 2018

Maritime Open Day May 2018

Sailortown Barra Aug 2018 

European Heritage Day Sept 2018 

Culture Night Sept 2018: ‘On the Hairbus’ 

Culture Night Sept 2018: ‘Nick Drake Tribute’ 

Halloween Maze Oct 2018: The City Will Eat You Alive

Belfast Science Festival Feb 2019: Vibrant Matter